Freelance Electronic Engineering

circuit board

Why dispose of expensive electronic boards because they have failed?  Sometimes a fault can be diagnosed quickly and an electronic part replaced resulting in saving many hundreds of pounds, and the essential item saved from landfill or recycling.

John is happy to help diagnose problems or create bespoke electronics for any project that you are considering. From a one off, to a full production run of thousands. Prototyping and creating bespoke electronics is what we do.  If you can’t find that bit of kit for the purposes you need, a bespoke trialled and tested item may not be as expensive as you think.  (Excludes any necessary CE testing that may be necessary, items for a production run will require CE testing)

So before you reach for the bin, remember some electronics can be repaired.  Electronic replacement parts must be a substitute for any broken ones and will not constitute an improvement of an item to stay within guidance, and necessity for testing house safety checks.

John is happy to come along to your premises to trouble-shoot issues. Sometimes fixing a problem may be possible on site.

Call us for a consultation, chat to John for an honest appraisal.

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