Introducing ‘trem-bel’ the clever multi alerting wristband/doorbell system for vulnerable people

Technology is fabulous, and most of us love it!  But for some people, like the elderly, an increasingly digital world can be confusing, stressful and difficult to control. At Amvill Technologies, we specialise in telecare solutions and assisted technology to help people in later life remain independent and their families stay connected to them. In doing so, our flagship product is truly accessible for all.

trem-bel is a simple but clever doorbell alerting system targeted primarily at those with compromised hearing. This might be an elderly relative still living alone, or even a deaf friend. When you make a call to that person’s home, pressing trem-bel (as you would a normal doorbell) alerts the person inside via a wristband, which lights and vibrates. The person inside can then inform the caller via their wristband that someone is at home, by sending a return signal to the response indicator on the doorbell.

Assisted technology should be for everyone who needs it. We take into consideration our users’ physical and cognitive faculties:

  • Hearing
  • Dexterity
  • Eyesight
  • Literacy
  • Mental welfare


trem-bel has three key components

  • A doorbell press button, with response indicator.
  • A wristband that lights and vibrates according to the alert.
  • A bell-box with contactless recharge function for the wristband.

The bell-box can sit anywhere in the home, but the wristband can be used indoors and out as it will be completely sealed and waterproof. Once the bell-box is optimised, the range should be 300 metres to the wristband (depending on environment), so happily call on dad when he’s strimming the hedge at the bottom of the garden!

A one button wristband

The wristband is expected to run for at least a couple of days before it will need recharging on the dock.  The expected life of the battery in the wristband is about five years.

Simple and Smart!  Indoors or out.

trem-bel is simple but smart. It includes an easy to operate wristband, that is durable, flexible, rechargeable and waterproof.  trem-bel  is also multi-functional and can be extended to respond to other alerts in the home, including phones, microwave cookers and oven timers, with more responses planned.


Next Steps…

We are a small company with a product that we believe could be huge. Bringing this proof of concept to prototype is the next stage. We are close to launching our crowd fund bid, creating trem-bel in a brand new shell.   As soon as we have our new trem-bel it will be available to purchase from this site. Be first to get your hands on this unique patented bit of kit to make living at home a bit easier for the elderly or hard of hearing.


We won first prize at The British Invention Show

Best British Invention, October 2018


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